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Mik- n.  Nickname for Miki- the Japanese word for beautiful tree/

ol•o•gy- n. (Informal) A branch of learning....

CURRENTLY Mikology client's include:
•National Japanese American Historical Society (NJAHS)
•San Jose Stage Company (SJSC)
•Yu-Ai Kai
HISTORICALLY Miki Bellon has served as:
•Director, Business Development for Rec.fm 
•Regional Sales Director for Telosa Software 
•Sr. Strategic Media Buyer for  Adflight 
•Co-Founder and Board President for ContemporaryAsian Theatre Scene (CATS)

For over 15 years Miki has been dedicated to the development and expansion of nonprofit organizations.  Helping with fund development, board management, fundraising, technology and marketing, she has served as a change agent and successful consultant.
As a co-founder of CATS (Contemporary Asian Theatre Scene), Miki led the organization from inception to the top of the multi-cultural arts category in less than 5 years.  In her roles as a sales and marketing professional, Miki's success rate has consistently exceeded her goals by 150%.  Miki created a program as Adflight's Strategic Media Buyer that generated $2 million per month revenue defining a significant component of the company’s business strategy.  
Miki has a proven record in both corporate and nonprofit sectors and understands the value of strategic partnerships, social networks, technology, and branding to accomplish and exceed essential revenue goals.
Summer camp to explore Japanese Heritage.
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Summer camp to explore Japanese Heritage.
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Miki is currently involved with the following ....
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For Miki miki@mikology.com
Office: 650.968.4027
Cell:    650.224.3172
Skype: mikibellon