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Mik- n.  Nickname for Miki- the Japanese word for beautiful tree/

ol•o•gy- n. (Informal) A branch of learning....

How can Miki help my nonprofit get the most from my CRM?
Miki has 15 years of experience working with major nonprofit organizations to assist them with all levels of fund development including their data or customer relationship management systems.  She will begin by understanding her clients' needs, establishing goals based on analysis and qualification, recommending tools and products to meet objectives, and implementing solutions and strategies.
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This is the official Mikology site.   A resource for information about nonprofits, fundraising, events, social media, and business development ideas for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.  

With over 15 years of nonprofit consulting experience and a passion for helping nonprofit organizations succeed using technology tools and resources.  Miki Hirabayashi Bellon provides consulting services to promote successful fund development, nonprofit management, and systems management, as well as, assists with online social media marketing to achieve an organization's goals and mission.

If you are looking to enhance your existing business, grow your membership, share your event information, or just get advice- this is the place for everything nonprofit.  

We are currently in the process of adding new and exciting content, and would love your feedback- click here and share your thoughts.

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Skype: mikibellon
Miki has a passion for advancing your social media presence and marketing objectives utilizing technology and social media tools.  Are Twitter, Facebook, blogging really what your organzation needs and do you have the appropriate resources to maximize their benefit?  She will carefully assess your existing marketing programs and leverage social media technology to increase your online presence and branding.
How will Miki use social media for my business?
How will Miki help us develop a fundraisin plan or support our goals?
Miki has founded, managed, supported, and advised nonprofit organizations throughout her career.  She understands the challenges that grassroots organizations face with their precious resources as well as larger institutions embarking on a capital or major donor campaign.  With her out of box solutions, professionalism, fundraising background and dedicated commitment, she will ensure that your campaigns are successful and memorable.
Miki's expertise in producing nationally recognized talent in the San Francisco Bay Area is the best fit for organizations who wish to produce events that will engage and connect their audience, donors, prospects, and constituents with their mission.  Whether your budget is restricted or there are extreme challenges, Miki will work with you and your staff to reach the goals and beyond.
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Welcome to Mikology, home of non profit business solutions and social media consulting.  We are currently makeing some changes to the site.  We will be introducing new features to help provide more resources for prospective customers and more.  Please keep an eye on this area for updates coming soon!!